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Ok, so let me kick this off right--- thank you so much for my story! I'm super stoked to read whatever you write! You obviously have amazing taste since we share at least one fandom together. Thank you again, for all the effort and time, I do appreciate it!

I tried to jot down a few things that I completely adore and some stuff that I prefer to avoid, if possible!

Likes: Get-together fic! Cliches are my lifeblood-- like the silly Hallmark holiday movies, mpreg and A/B/O are super awesome in my opinion. I always love stories with banter and snark (think Tony Stark and Bruce Banner just laying zingers out left and right). I normally read slash, though I understand that's not everyone's taste. I do love some pwp or some smut with plot, dealers choice.

I adore Alternative Universes: Hogwarts AU (then being sorted into the houses and being students or even better being adults with jobs in that universe-- not really like Harry Potter being a character in the story just borrowing his universe), werewolves AU, coffee shop, college roommate, Daemons, office workers, magic, chefs, nanny, singers, etc!

My ultimate weakness is Arranged Marriage-- with the pining and build up, unresolved sexual attraction plus having to overcome misunderstandings/miscommunications and flirty competition that forces their partner to realize what a catch they've got! Horrible failures of wooing their partner! I'm total trash when is comes to marriages of convenience.


So things I would prefer to avoid would be drug use, major character death, underage (I don't mind an age gap as long as everyone is legal [18yrs at a minimum] and consenting), scat/water sports, high school AU, partner betrayal/cheating.

Below I ran through each fandom to kind of give you ideas of what I completely adore but don't feel restricted by it, if an awesome plot bunny takes hold just run with it!

Bourne Legacy:

Aaron Cross / Outcome #3

The first time I saw this movie I wanted to ship these two together so hard-- O#3 being so standoffish and grumpy towards Aaron and then thawing out around the other agent when the snowstorm was coming in! My slashgoggles were firmly in place and I couldn't wait to see more which is of course when they literally blew my ship up.

So I would love to see something with these two becoming a couple. If you wanna play out the movie as if instead of spreading out they teamed up and both dodged the cabin being blown up, I would be your captive audience!

The comments about the wolves trailing after Aaron made me want some werewolf fix something fierce. What if outcome played around with more than just human DNA? Think Dark Angel-- Aaron has some wolf in his genes and Outcome #3 has some bear(animal of your choice). Maybe slide in some A/B/O?

These two agents trying to co-exist in the cabin while they wait out the end of their "punishment" from the higher ups. They've got to do something to keep busy. And Outcome #3 is thinking that if it gets Aaron to shut his pretty mouth for a couple hours it'll be worth it. Hint: it doesn't but O#3 doesn't mind the noises he's making now.

Baby Driver:
Baby / Doc

So given the age difference in these two I definitely want Baby to be legal before any type of shipping starts. I'm not a fan of character death so if you'd kindly tweak some of the movie's storyline I wouldn't mind in the least.

I loved the use of sign language in this film! Joe and Baby signing was seven kinds of awesome gonna! Baby's music skills with mixing the recordings was amazing and I'd love to see that explored further.

Doc taking care of and looking out for Baby was the best for me. Darling and Buddy treating Baby like a younger brother/pet was also awesome so if you want to include them in the Heist Family, I'm all in.

I was actually disappointed we didn't get more of Griff in the movie because I love that actor and would have really enjoyed more of his character in the film.

Doc taking care of his Baby. I about died of happiness when Doc defended Baby from the others in the crew. Seriously feel free to ignore the storyline from the movie and give me some heists with Doc, Baby and the rest of the Heist Family.

The Accountant:

Christian / Braxton

I loved how close these two were in the movie. Growing up they defended one another and stood by each other-- even when their mother left and Inwas completely blown away by just how awesome both characters turned out!

When I saw previews I knew immediately I wanted to ship them. And then saw the movie and still wanted to ship them but gen would be awesome too! I love the co-dependency and brutal violence of their lives.

So a post-movie teamup with Justine sending the boys missions would be fantastic! I love how the movie portrayed Chris and the coping mechanisms he employes. I found it super fascinating.

I also can't get over Braxton with his headphones and lollipop! His crazy way of dealing with his targets and just badass way he handles himself.

Both brothers have their strengths and I would love to see them work together, or figure out how to work together again after being separate for so long. Christian/Braxton or gen.

The Defenders:

Matt Murdock / Danny Rand

I would love to see Danny try to woo Matt. He is such an eager puppy when it comes to everyone but he's such a faildragon when it comes to be an adult human being. I love the idea of him crushing hard in Matt and just completely failing at flirting with him. The rest of the team would just be struggling to not bust a gut at Iron fist just Iron Failing at getting Daredevil to give him the time of day outside of teamups.

Jessica and Luke teasing the ever loving shit out of Danny would make my day. Plus Foggy being a bro and trying to help Danny out only for it to go worse would be epic.

Iron Fist

Danny / Ward

I actually have yet to finish this series-- yikes! But from the few episodes I've watched I have desperately wanted to ship Danny and Ward (I'm a sucker for the bad guy second in command --- see my adoration for Wesley from Daredevil).

A/B/O -- Would like Ward struggling to make his dad proud and run the business with the added obstacle of being an omega in a traditional alpha environment. Not necessarily that he's hiding that he's an omega but that he struggles to overcome jerky businessmen and women because of it.

Or arranged marriage between Danny and Ward. Totally my weakness. Ward trying to run a successful business while reigning in his puppies and sunshine fiancé.

So I hope that gives you some awesome insight and wasn't like a super shenanigans scary for you. Again-- I'll love whatever you come up with, so good luck and thank you!!

- strifechaos


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